Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dreamfall - Zoe Butt Shots

I'm not at all familiar with the game Dreamfall, nor it's predecessor The Longest Journey. They came out for the Xbox and PC a few years back. What I do know is that in Dreamfall, one of the main characters, Zoe, spends a bit of time walking around in her underwear. This leads to some pretty great butt shots, and therefore it leads to a post on this blog.

Zoe takes a stroll in her unmentionables on the patio of her home in Casablanca.
Stange events have been occuring that lead Zoe into the mix of mutliple realities

Here is a breif summary of the game that I found on the internet:

"For those who haven't played The Longest Journey, the premise is that the Earth we know is actually only half the story of the universe. Our scientific Earth's true name is Stark, and its reality is mirrored in another dimension by a magical Earth called Arcadia. The game concerns a young woman named April Ryan who lives on Stark in the 23rd century. When a disaster throws the balance between the scientific and magical Earths out of whack, it's up to April to step in and restore equilibrium between the two universes."

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