Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rumble Roses - Dixie Clemets Butt Shots

Rumble Roses was a video game that took the WWE and subtracted out all the testosterone, leaving you with hot girls that wanted to beat each other up. A much better representation of beauty than G.L.O.W. (the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), Rumble Roses had its fair share of babes that had great butts. Today we're going to take a closer look at one of the Roses from the ring, Dixie Clemets.

A southern belle, Dixie likes to parade around in her cowboy hat and cow print chaps.
Here Dixie checks out the ring ropes to make sure she can kick some butt against them. Feel free to check out her butt while she works.
I'm pretty sure Dixie has never had any problems getting someone to stop for her while hitchhiking.
In the match of the evening, Dixie prepares to take on Reiko. Lets take a comparison to see who's got the better butt. Reiko has the lower cheeks sneaking out from her short shorts.
But it appears that Dixie has a better showing of cheek, therefore round 1 goes to Dixie.
In a show of strength, Dixie power bombs Reiko and both butts get another chance to shine.
In retaliation, Reiko folds Dixie in half in a suplex manoeuvre
Not to be outdone, Dixie tosses Reiko backwards for one final butt shot.
Winner of the match... Dixie.

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