Friday, July 18, 2008

King of Fighters - Mai Shiranui Animated Butt Shots

The King of Fighters games were originally released for the NeoGeo systems but eventually made their way to the Playstation 2. They featured sprite based characters similar to the Street Fighter style of characters. One thing they had that Street Fighter didn't have was jiggly breasts and flashes of bare butt cheeks. One character in particular that had bouncy boobs and a nice butt was Mai Shiranui. Below is an enlarged animated picture of her fighting stance. You can see how her animations could be a bit of a distraction for any prepubescent teen.
Mai Shiranui Animated boob jiggle

Not only do Mai's breasts jiggle, but apparently her butt cheeks jiggle as well. Check out her bouncy booty animations below.

In addition to jiggly breasts and bouncy butt cheeks, Mai also likes to go commando for her fighting matches. Here is one of Mai's victory poses where she flashes her backside to the sore loser (big winner for any one else watching though.)
Mai Shiranui animated Butt shot
Mai also has some acrobatic skills that she shows off during her fighting matches. Here she defys gravity by bouncing off the walls and ceiling and then showcases her butt for all to see.
Mai Shiranui animated Butt shot
Note: All these images have been enlarged to show greater butt detail. They appear a bit pixelated as a result. Click on each image to see them in original size.

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