Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft Buttshots

Perhaps the most famous video game butt, Lara Croft's sweet cheeks have been entertaining gamers for over a decade now. While these pictures are all promotional renders and don't equate to the square boxy butt that was in the early video games, they nonetheless are considered video game butt shots and are included on this site as such.

This picture is from the Tomb Raider Legend video game, and is an actual representation of the in game model used for Lara Croft. The use of HD graphics on the Xbox 360 allow for a more lifelike Booty

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a remake of the original Tomb Raider game. The advance in technology has produced a great advance in Lara's butt.

Here is the loading screen from the original Tomb Raider, and below it is the same screen from the Tomb Raider Anniversary edition. You can see how the game has changed with technology

This shot was taken from the original DOS version of the game, but using newer 3D drivers to smooth out the textures. But you can still see how Box-like Lara's Butt is

Even in Tomb Raider 3, Lara's booty is looking quite bulgy and square.

Tomb Raider 4 has her sporting more curvaceous cheeks as she peeks into the ancient ruins

By the time Lara starts to crawl on all fours, her jeans are looking nice and tight, showing off her great glutes.

This is another good shot, if you like shiny latex on your video game butt shots. Lara in her wetsuit has an good glare coming off her butt.

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