Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I was looking at the Super Smash Bros website today to find out all the new juicy info on the Nintendo fighter when I saw this screenshot below, introducing Grey Fox as an assistant character to Solid Snake. I couldn't help but notice Snake's skintight cheeks... not that I was looking really looking in that direction. But then I got to thinking, I wonder what other butt shots there are from Super Smash Bros. that I could include on this site. The following images below are courtesy of the Super Smash Bros. website and are property of Nintendo.

Snake showing off his buns while kicking Zero Suit Samus. Samus definitely looks a lot better out of her power suit then she does in the power suit.

You wouldn't get this great of a buttshot from Samus if she were in her power suit.

It's a good thing she can 'strip' off her suit when she needs to during battle.

Samus taking aim at Fox McCloud, and allowing all of us to take aim at her cute backside.

Polygons or not, Samus sure looks hot in her skin tight Zero suit.

Other characters, like Wario, take a slightly different approach when showing us their backsides. Here Wario takes the opportunity to pass gas in our faces. And no one even had to pull his finger.

Here Yoshi gives us some tail action...

While Peach gives Mario a good ol' butt bump off of his feet.

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