Friday, June 27, 2008

Bloodrayne Booty Shots

Bloodrayne is a vampire action game with an undead vampire heroine that runs around in tight shiny leather pants sucking the blood out of her opponents. I've never played the Bloodrayne games, so I don't have a whole lot of info about the game that would be of any value, but I do have some good butt shot pictures of Rayne, the vampire heroine in her tight pants.

Promotional render of the Character model... look how shiny the pants are around the posterior region (aka the butt)
Talk about multitasking, sucking the blood out of a soldier while giving him a lap dance, at the same time as shooting her gun and providing an excellent butt shot.
I wouldn't want to run into those guys in a dark alley, but I wouldn't mind running into a butt like that in a back alley... heck, I wouldn't mind running into a butt like that anywhere.
Rayne shows off her acrobatic undead pole dancing abilities
Every undead vampire action game heroine needs to have her own evening wear. Here Rayne shows how well her booty can fill out her dress. I like the arm blade accessories.
Another promotional render of Rayne. This one shows off her evening wear outfit.
More bad-guy beat 'em up butt shots from Bloodrayne (try saying that 10 times fast)

Another promotional render showing the improvements in the character design from the first Bloodrayne game to the second one... Notice how her bum is more curvaceous (and shiny) in the second game

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