Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outlaw Golf Butt Shots

Outlaw Golf for the Xbox is one of those "lets take some kinda-good-looking-if-I-were-living-in-a-trailer-park girls and put then in some short shorts and make them play sports" kind of games. Cousins to Outlaw Volleyball (to be featured on this site sometime in the future), the game may not have had the same caliber of golfing mechanics that a Tiger Woods game would have, but it did have girls in tight shorts giving us some good butt shots. Here are a few of those butts below.

Some tight red jean shorts make this drive a hole in one.

Nothing accessorizes a tight red leather butt shot like a golf club

A nice line drive and a nice blue jean booty picture.

Summer's butt cheeks are sneaking a peek out the bottom of her Daisy Duke shorts. I don't know of very many golf courses that will allow a this type of outfit on their greens.

Here is another blue jean butt shot driving across the water.


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