Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Video Game Butt Shots - Athens 2004

Every 2 years, we have a Worldwide Olympic Sporting event, be it the summer games, like this year in Beijing, or the Winter Games that will occur in 2 years in Vancouver, Canada. Every 2 years, we also get a video game based on the Olympic games. Over the last two days, we have featured some buttshots from the Official Beijing 2008 Olympic Video Game. Today we begin our look backwards to previous Olympic Video Games, and the butt shots that are found in those games. Our Olympic Video Game of the day today is the Athens 2004 video game. Below are several Olympic butt shots from that game.

There are two full moons in this picture as an athlete putts some shot into the night sky.
Another full moon shines over the Olympic stadium as the men compete in a running event.
This athlete holds on tight to his pole as he prepares to vault.
A female athlete prepares to break an Olympic and / or world record in the long jump and gives a great view of her butt in the process.
Gymnastics is full of good butt shots as the contestants wear the tight spandex body suits.
This butt shot from the top of the pole vault wins the "moon jumped over the bar" award.

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