Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grand Theft Auto Butt Shots

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is well known for pushing the envelope in video games. It has long been attacked for its portrayal of violence, crime, and drugs (as well as a little 'hot coffee'). As such, you would expect the games to be full of great butt shots. We've managed to find a few good ones from the Vice City and San Andreas versions of GTA.

The Vice City version of Grand Theft Auto is set in a virtual city modeled after Miami, Florida. Being a warm, beachside city, there are bound to be bikini clad babes walking the streets. Here is a wallpaper promotion for the game, featuring one such bikini butt shot.

Another random bikini babe walking the streets of Vice CIty.
This bikini babe decided that walking is for suckers and pulled out her rollerskates.
The main character checking out another bikini butt shot poolside.

This butt shot comes from the San Andreas game, set in a fictional city modeled after Los Angeles. Here we have the main character looking to buy something from the Hot Dog vendor, who likes to show off her bikini butt.

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