Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Video Game Butt Shots - Winter Olympics

Sure, it's the middle of summer and the middle of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, but that doesn't mean that our "Ode to Olympic Video Game Butt Shots" can't include the Winter Olympics as well. The Winter Olympic athletes wear just as much butt hugging spandex as the summer athletes do, and the butt shots in the Winter Olympic video games are just as plentiful as in the summer Olympic games. Here are just a few pictures from recent Winter Olympic video game history.

Gord, the Canadian ski jumper shows off his butt in good form in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics video game
Another skier, this one of the freestyle variety, performs some moves and provides and upside-down booty shot
Moving ahead 4 years from the Salt Lake Olympics, we have a video game based on the 2006 Turin / Torino games. (I never did figure out why there were two different spellings and pronunciations for the same city.) Here are some butt shots of a Biathlete skiing and preparing to shoot.
A good butt shot of a good target shot.

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