Monday, March 22, 2010

Viewer Submission - Street Fighter Cammy Butt Shots

Do you have some good pictures of video game butt shots that you would like to see put up on this site? Then just send and e-mail to videogamebuttshots [at] gmail [dot] com and we could very possibly post them up on the site.

If you send some pictures and want to include your own captions, feel free to do so, we will include your captions (if we like them and they are non-offensive to us) and provide credit to you where it is due. At the very least, try to reference the game and / or character that you are sending the butt shot picture of so we can include that information. We do a lot of our own research scouring the internet and playing video games, but we don't know every video game butt that has ever been created.

If you do send us some butt shot pictures, you could be like Pamela Barras, who sent us a whole bunch of great butt shot photos... some of which you can see below. In fact, Pamela sent us so many butt shots, that we have decided to post them out to the site over several days. Today, we have a great collection of butt shots from that leggy Street Fighter vixen Cammy.

Cammy in her camouflage unitard, with her camouflage leg paint, flexes her massive butt cheeks

Cammy could give J-Lo a run for the money in a "baby got back" competition
The candlelight glistens off Cammy's flexed cheeks in this comic book tear out.

It appears that Pamela took a bunch of her own screen shots for submission to the site. If so, then great job Pam (if we may call you Pam). To us, the screen shots appear to be from a Marvel vs Capcom game, although we can't say for sure, and we are too lazy to really care. At any rate, here are some in-game screen shots of Cammy's butt vs various opponents.

This first shot has Cammy performing a spinning maneuver..
Cammy slides her butt along the floor to attempt to leg sweep Electra.
Cammy connects her feet to Electra's chin, while both backsides connect with the camera for a double butt shot (or a quadruple cheek shot)
Cammy vs Cammy gives us another upside down double cheek pic.
Another Cammy vs Electra quadruple cheek pic.
A collection of Cammy's backside victory poses.
Cammy's not the only one who wins when we all get to look at her butt.


Keeper said...

The Screenshots were taken from a Mugen Game

Anonymous said...

so is this site dead or what?

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