Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 Butt Shots

Seeing as how a day like to day only comes along every so often... being the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year...we thought that we would treat you to a very special 10 pack of random butt shots. These butt shots come from a wide variety of video games, so we hope you enjoy them.

Fighting Vipers 2: The french maid celebrates her victory in her leather thong and high heels

Groove on Fight is a 2D Japanese fighting game in the style of Street Fighter or King of Fighters. I'm not too sure exactly what's going on in the picture below... all I know is that there are a couple of naked chicks getting awfully intimate with the guy in the corner. Score one win for the naked butt!

The butt shot below comes from a game called Hydrophobia. The booty in the tight suit is exploring an underwater system of tunnels.

 Butt shot #1 from a massive multiplayer online RPG. This one below is from an elf species found in the game Lineage.

Butt Shot # 2 from an MMORPG. This one below is from some promotional materials for Legend of Mir 3, a hugely popular sprite based MMORPG found in China and Korea.

The glowing booty in the picture below is from a promo for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, an action RPG released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC-DVD. The light reflects nicely off her thong.

Spellforce: The Order of Dawn is a real-time strategy / RPG game released for the PC. Below is an image cut from the cover of the game featuring a scantily glad female heroine with some nice side-boob and round butt cheeks.

Elise Riggs is a sexy Canadian snowboarder from the SSX series of video games. She fills out the back end of her snowsuit very well, in our Canadian opinion.

Cammy White from Street Fighter IV just won't seem to let us rest. She keeps popping her round cheeks in our faces with new butt shots to put on this site. Enjoy the one of her below.
War of Genesis is a series of Strategy RPG games. The character exercised a strategy of caution by letting her dress hide her round cheeks.

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