Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tomb Raider Lara Croft Butt Shots

Below are some more butt shots of the lovely Lara Croft from the first few Tomb Raider games. This was back in the prime of the Tomb Raider franchise, when Lara Croft was a relatively new name, and sequels were being churned out every year. Back when the thought of a female video game lead was still relatively new, and the act of looking at a blocky polygon butt on screen was still rather stimulating. (Not to say that looking at butts on new generation systems isn't equally if not more stimulating... especially with all the extra polygons used to model the butts... but there will be more of that topic for another day.) Anyway, here are some Lara Croft butt shots from the Playstation era of Tomb Raider Games.

Tomb Raider 1, Lara's back side is more like a box than a curvaceous booty.
Tomb Raider 2, Lara runs around her house and backs her butt up into the camera for all to see.
Another rear jump as Lara runs around the alleys of Venice.
As the Tomb Raider games progressed on the Playstation platform, the Lara model became more detailed, more curves were added, and her butt became more appealing to look at, as seen below.
Lara stands in the cathedral with her candle, showing her bottom for all to see.

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