Friday, September 26, 2008

Rumble Roses Mudfight Butt Shots

One of the wresting modes in Rumble Roses is the option to wrestle in a pit of mud. This mud fight option, coats the female contestants with a layer of slop, which almost makes the girls look naked. This mode, along with all the other modes in this girl-on-girl catfighting game, had great butt shot potential as is seen below.

Aisha (the tan butt shot in the silver thong) takes on Miss Spencer (the school teacher) in the mud pit.
Miss Spencer butt is backed into a corner as Aisha grabs her leg to take her down
Side booty shot of Aisha as she goes behind Miss Spencer
Aisha is covered in mud, looking almost nude as she plans another attack on Miss Spencer.
A drop kick butt shot in the mud pit.
Here Reiko has Anesthesia down for the pin in a back suplex maneuver, exposing Anesthesia's shoulders to the mat, and butt to the crowd.
Another suplex move exposes Anesthesia's booty for all to see.
A mud covered Anesthesia is being man handled by polka dotted Reiko, both butt shots exposed this time.

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