Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 2 Butt Shots

Today is Day 2 of our Rumble Roses Week. Today's pictures are brought to you by the tag team duo of Dixie and Reiko. Dixie, the Texas Cow Girl, and Reiko, the Asian Assassin, both have some pretty killer butts. And we have a whole schwack of screen shots to show you just how killer they are.

Dixie and Reiko prepare for their upcoming match by posing at the top of the stage
The best way to prepare for a match is to pose and show off your butt cheeks underneath you leather chaps.
Dixie shows Reiko how to jump the ropes in style.
The best way to jump the ropes in style, is to: 1) show off you butt as you do so and 2) do it from several different angles.
Dixie and Reiko get each other pumped up for their upcoming match...
...again, by doing it in several different angles...
... and showing off their cheeks...
... just start the match already.
Another tag team match is in the works, this time the duo is wrestling at an outdoor event. More great butt shots in anticipation of the main event.




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