Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 7 Butt Shots

Day 7 of our Rumble Roses Week closes out the week with some more Butt Shots from Dixie Clemets and Reiko, as well as some other of the women from the game.

Dixie, in her playboy bunny costume, takes the fight to the streets with Candy Cane, both showing their butts for  the player.
Dixie wraps up Candy Cane on the mat, while they both flash their undies.
Candy Cane prepares to smash her guitar and spank Dixie's backside, while Aisha's butt cheeks wait.
Dixie takes her butt to the streets again to battle with Reiko.
A brutal clothes line, but a sweet butt shot.
Reiko's cheeks peek out from her shorts and hover over Dixie's head.
Dixie returns the favor by hovering her butt on top of Reiko.
Dixie and Reiko join forces to flip Candy Cane.
Dixie's large booty prepares to land on Reiko.
Reiko takes her butt to the skies after being flipped by Dixie.

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infinitysend said...

hey there man,
I took some of your images for my recent blog on Destructoid, but I gave you credit at the bottm:

Thanks again, and keep up the awesome work on this site.

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