Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 6 Butt Shots

Day 6 of our Rumble Roses week is a collection of random butt shots from some of the random characters of the game. Lets get started.

Butt shot in a school girl outfit.
Sista A does a flying cartwheel butt shot while trying to avoid getting kicked in the head
Aigle makes her way to the ring, while wearing her super small trunks.
Anesthesia, in her flight attendant outfit, wraps up Noble Rose into a small package which leaves her booty up in the air.
Benikage makes her way to the ring in a rush, and her butt cheeks peak out from her thong.
Another butt shot of Benikage in the foreground. This time she's wearing a nylon mesh cat suit.
Benikage gets bent in half by Reiko, leaving her booty up in the air.
Candy Cane tries to defend an attack from Dixie and her bloomers.
Aisha shows off her backside in a bikini, thong, kind of outfit.
A random butt in a black outfit.
More butt cheeks.

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