Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 4 Butt Shots

Day 4. Our week long coverage of the Rumble Roses franchise of games continues today with Day 4. Day 4 features some booty pics of Evil Rose and Sista A.

Evil Rose dresses up like a she-devil, complete with pointed tail and horns. Her tail dangles right through the middle of her butt crack accentuating her bare cheeks.
Evil Rose tears through the fabric of space and time to get to the ring.
Evil Rose's round cheeks are the only part of her body that aren't covered in red latex.
Evil Roses flashes her bottom as she lays a drop kick on Anesthesia.
Check out the round mounds of Evil Rose's behind as she prepares to perform a backwards flip body slam on to Dr. Cutter.
Anesthesia retaliates from the drop kick above with her own butt shot and kick to the face of Evil Rose.

The second vixen of Rumble Roses featured today on Day 4 is Sista A. Sista A is the alter ego of Aisha, and likes to dance. She entered the Rumble Roses tournament so she could dance on stage. Here she is performing an Arabian Nights dance.
Sista A gives a glimpse of her right cheek...
and her left cheek...
and now both cheeks.
Sista A's bottom cleavage can be seen below her skirt.
Sista A takes a nap in preparation for her wrestling match

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Platinum Dragon said...

I love wrestling games, but I never picked this one up. I always wished I had. Is it any good?

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