Monday, February 1, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 1 Butt Shots

Every once in a while - maybe once in a generation, or once in a lifetime - a great video game comes a long that changes the way that games are played. A completely revolutionary game that is so spectacularly innovative, that it forever alters the perception of video games and video gamers.  A game for the ages. A game that will be talked about for decades after its release. A game that will forever be loved, revered and remembered by all who have ever had the benefit of holding a controller and pressing start at its title screen.

This game is not one of those games.

Every once in a while - every few years or so - a game will come along that takes a simple gaming concept, adds in some relatively solid game mechanics, and throws in a whole truckload of scantily clad digital women with big breasts, in the hopes of selling the game to the typical nerdy, hard-up-for-female-action, teenage boys.

This is one of those games...

In fact this game has so many scantily clad women with big breasts and fine looking butts that we couldn't contain it to just one page on the Video Game Butt Shot Blog. In fact, we couldn't even contain it to just one blog. Not only does this game takes up an entire weeks worth of content on this blog, but our sister site the Video Game Chests Blog is also running an entire weeks worth of content devoted to this one game.

The name of the game? Rumble Roses. Yes, the mediocre wrestling style game chocked full of babes in spandex bikinis who step into the ring with each other to lay the smack down.

Lets get started with Day 1 of the Rumble Roses Week.

Day 1: The focus of day 1 is on Dixie Clemets. Dixie has already been prominently featured on this blog on several occasions, but we just couldn't resist putting up more butt shot pictures of her and her cow print chaps

Dixie, the Texas cowgirl, raises the American flag on her entrance to the ring...

...with a butt like that, I'm sure she raises a few more things than just her flag.

Dixie also has an alter ego that wears a Playboy bunny style costume to the ring. Sweet tail.

Dixie poses to the crowd as she awaits the arrival of her opponent. I can't image that it would be very comfortable to wrestle with a wedgie like that.

Here Dixie squares off against Aisha

Enemies become allies as Dixie steps into the ring against Anesthesia. In the foreground, you can see a pretty good sideboob of Dixie's partner, Aisha.

Dixie and Aisha double team Anesthesia and also provide a double butt shot.

Another double team of Anesthesia gives us more multiple butt shots



As an added bonus for today, we have a real live female model pretending to be Dixie Clemets in some promotional material from Konami.

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