Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 3 Butt Shots

Day 3 of Rumble Roses Week has a bunch of shots of a butt in some red denim shorts, and some more shots of a butt in some black leather tights. Today we have Reiko, the Asian assassin, and an alter ego of Dixie Clements named Sgt. Clements showing off their glutes as they enter the squared circle.

Reiko in her red denim shorts prepared to do battle with Candy Cane. Not to be outdone, Candy shows off her white panties under her school uniform.
Reiko takes her backside to the sky as she drop kicks a face full of boot into Candy Cane.
Reiko, in an alternate miniskirt costume, performs her pre-match warm up dance.
Reiko grapples with an opponent on the mat.
Reiko's denim shorts appear to be make partially of spandex, or latex, as the light glistens off of them. Dr. Anesthesia also shines a slight glint off her backside as she gives Reiko some sweet chin music.
Reiko's booty defies gravity below as Evil Rose lifts her up to perform some sort of crushing maneuver.
Move over Reiko, make room for Sgt Clements. The alter ego of Dixie, the Sergent comes to the ring wearing a leather bikini ready to punish anyone who stands in her way.
Sgt Clements offers all a sneak peek at her cheeks as she wanders down to the ring.

Sgt Clements braces for the impact of Candy Cane's guitar. Her own, guitar strap-like suspenders hold up her tight pants and barely cover her nipples. No lack of side-boob in this shot.

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