Friday, February 5, 2010

Rumble Roses Week - Day 5 Butt Shots

Day 5 of Rumble Roses Week features more great butt shots of that Texas Cowgirl, Dixie Clemets. Whether in her jewel studded cowboy chaps, or her cow print cowboy chaps, Dixie's butt just seems to shine through like few others.

Dixie's bottom, through her studded chaps, gets ready to flip Benikage, the female ninja, onto the ground.
Benikage retaliates on Dixie with her own butt cheeks squeezed into a tight ninja suit.
Benikage shows of some side cheeks as she spars with Dixie.
Benikage tries to sweep Dixie off her feet.
Dixie retaliates with her own leg sweep attempt.
Dixie Clemets battles her evil clone to determine who has the better backside... it's cow prints vs rhinestones.
Rhinestone's butt sweeps her leg to the right, butt Cowprint's butt is still standing.
Dixie's cow print booty is right in your face in this shot.
Another cow print Dixie butt shot.
Not only does Dixie battle her evil twin in Rumble Roses, she also reveals her great butt cheeks while battling a Panda (?). Well, a buttshot is a buttshot.

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