Saturday, February 20, 2010

NeoGaf Butt Shots

Continuing our trend of returning some of the love that we have received from you, our viewers, today we have a link to a discussion thread on I think the thread is now locked, but it started out as a comparison discussion of the differences between the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII, and turned into a Booty Fest with plenty of links and praise geared towards our site. So we will return the favor, with a link to the thread, and we will post some of the great butt shot pictures contributed by the forum members at NeoGAF.

User ULTROS! posted a close up shot of some butt pockets from Uncharted 2. 
User Chandoog posted a collection of cheeks from Mass Effect 2... Nothing like some tight spandex spacesuits to bring out the highlights in the posterior





Forum user Ducarmel provided some great spanking pictures of Soul Calibur 2 with Link riding on top of Ivy, Taki and Talim, smacking their rears with his sword.



Thanks a bunch to the great forum members of NeoGAF for linking to our site. We appreciate all the love you send us.


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