Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soul Calibur IV Ivy Butt Shots

We've already had a collection of butt shot pictures from Isabella Valentine AKA Ivy from the Namco fighting series Soul Calibur. You can find our previous post of Ivy butt shots here. You can also find other butt shots from the Soul Calibur series here and here. Below we have some more butt shots of Ivy from the latest installation of Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur IV. Over the years, Ivy's outfits have become more and more skimpy and her curves have become larger and larger (I think she's grown about 10 breast sizes over the franchise). Her costume for SCIV has her wearing some butt flossing thong outfit that really shows off her round rump. Check out the shots below.

Ivy battles a wedgie as well as her opponent
Yoda is no match for the force that Ivy's round cheeks possess.
Ivy shows off some side cheeks as she battles Talim.
Here, Ivy prepares to lay the cheeks down on Talim's head, while Talim moons her own butt shot our way.
A close up view of Ivy's round rump roast
A great butt shot and cleavage shot of Ivy's round curves.
A full moon in in the air
Some fan art of Ivy shows off her backside

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