Friday, August 20, 2010

Dead or Alive Butt Shots

Before Team Ninja and Tecmo began whoring out their female video game characters in shameless T&A games like Dead or Alive Xtreme and Dead or Alive Paradise, the characters began their careers in a respectable fighting game called (believe it or not) Dead or Alive. The original DOA game was hailed as one of the greatest games of all time when it was released on the Dreamcast. Over the years, the sequel fighting games have introduced more characters and produced some decent butt shots. Check them out below.

Christie lays a punch on her opponent Hitomi, who in turn shows us some cheeks in her tight jeans.
Christie exposes some cheek action in her thong as she battles another opponent.
Helena lets loose with a kick as she runs wild with the animals.
Kasumi sports some nice side-boob and butt shot action in her overalls as she preps for a battle.
Ayane, a ninja crossed over from the Ninja Gaiden games, shows her backside and some side-boob in this screenshot.


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