Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kameo Butt Shots

Originally in development for the Gamecube when Rare was bought out by Microsoft, Kameo: Elements of Power spent a bit of time in development for the original Xbox before becoming one of the first games released for the Xbox 360. The game centered around Kameo, an elf princess on a quest to restore the Elemental Warriors to their rightful resting place and rescue her family. Kameo was a bit of a break from Rare's super cartooney animal characters and she was blessed with some nice curves to satisfy gamers. Check out the screenshots below.

Kameo stands on the cliff overlooking the valley below. The rolling hills of her backside peek out from under her skirt
Kameo's round cheeks help her on her quest.
With the ability to fly, Kameo gives us all a little up-skirt action.
Hands on hips, Kameo gives a little booty dance.
The prize at the end of the rainbow is Kameo's butt of gold.

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