Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dead or Alive Beach Butt Shots

In an attempt to cash in on the sexiness of their female fighting characters, and as an excuse to code really bad breast physics (seriously, these boobs defy all laws of motions and gravity), the developers at Team Ninja and Tecmo have created a new "series" of games featuring the women of Dead or Alive doing little more than parading around in skimpy bikinis. The first game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, at least attempted to include gameplay revolving around a real sport. The second game, and the new Dead or Alive Paradise look like little more than virtual dress up Barbies with breasts that jiggle like crazy at the slightest movement (if only someone could harness those puppies for power generation, it would solve the world's energy crisis.)

It would seem only likely that a game focused on blatant T&A would have some good butt shots to show off on this site... so here we go.

Hitomi crawls on all fours in her sting bikini... and tennis shoes (?) on the beach
Another angle of Hitomi's booty in her thong bikini.
Kasumi bends down near the pool in her own thong bikini
Another butt shot of Kasumi as she tests the temperature of the water.
Helena sits pool side and gives a little side cheek peek for us.
Ninja Gaiden crossover Ayane has a great butt shot in her denim bikini.
Another Ayane buttshot as she sun tans on the beach.
A closer picture of Ayane and her bikini booty.
Ayane shows off some nice tail in this shot
  Kokoro shows off all of her Southern Hemisphere in this picture.
Another shots of Kokoro's booty in a full body fishnet suit.
Christie stretches like a cat with her tail in the air as she climbs one of the local trees.
Nothing but booty in this shot of someone's swimming trunks
One of the "minigames" features a tug-of-war to see whose booty reigns supreme.
Lei Fang gets bumped off her inner tube exposing her bottom as she slides down the water slide
A double butt shot as characters chase each other down the beach.
All American girl Tina sports her red white and blue butt on the beach.
More butt shots and chasing each other on the beach.
An attempt at playing beach volleyball reveals more butt shots.
A final thong butt shot from the DOA games.


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