Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Tyris Flare Butt Shots

Tyris Flare is a female Amazonian warrior that was featured in the original Golden Axe game developed by SEGA for arcades and home consoles. She returned in a new Golden Axe game, Beast Rider, in 2008. Tyris was the main protagonist in the game, attempting to stop the evil forces of Death Adder. Along the way, Tryis was sure to show off her Amazonian booty for us to enjoy.

A character rendering of Tyrus shows her round butt cheeks in her leather pants.

Tryis gets in some fighting action with her leather bottoms.
Tyris wields her sword, ready to chop down her little opponent.
A side cheek shot of Tyris' butt.
Tyris pulls up the full length pants at night time to protect from the cold... but her bottom still stands out.
Tyris uses some magic in her quest... her butt must be magical too.
Tyris' large booty is more than prepared to tackle this giant.

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