Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leisure Suit Larry

The Leisure Suit Larry series of games featured the lovable dorky lead character Larry in his quest to score with women. The games were considered risque in their early days as they were one of the only games to feature mature themes, but became more tame in later years as other games and titles featured more mature themes. We've looked through some of Larry's adventures and found a small sampling of some butt shots for showcase on this site.

Larry makes his way onto and adult film set, to find some exposed butt cheeks in Leisure Suit Larry 3.

In Larry's seventh adventure "Love For Sail" Larry looks to score while on a luxury cruise. Below he finds himself staring into the bare booty of one of his ship mates.

Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude was the 3D sequel to the Larry series that was developed without any input from series creator Al Lowe. The game focused on Larry, the nephew of the original Leisure Suit Larry, as he made his way through college trying to score with hot co-eds. Below, Larry in his village people outfit talks to a naked chick on campus.

Here Larry gets a butt eye view of one of the strippers at the club.

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