Monday, November 19, 2012

More Bayonetta Butt Shots

With Bayonetta 2 being announced as an exclusive release for Nintendo's new Wii U console, we thought that we would satisfy all the PS3 and Xbox owners who will be missing out on the bounteous buns of Bayonetta's second outing by posting up a few more backside images from the first Bayonetta game. We previously posted some butt shots of Bayonetta here and here.

A few action shots of Bayonetta show her with swinging her sword and flexing her bottom.

Bayonetta uses her hair, which is normally used to cover her body, as a weapon to attack her enemy, leaving her buns exposed for a brief moment.

Speaking of exposes buns, here Bayonetta's cheeks squeeze out from her body suit

Bayonetta runs her booty down the long tentacle of an enemy boss.

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