Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Princess Peach Pinup Fan Art Butt Shots

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Video Game Butt Shot fans out there. To celebrate this special day of love, and because you know how much you all enjoy Her Royal Highness' Royal Rump-ness, we are giving you a special helping of Princess Peach's fine booty in some fan art pinup pictures seen below

These first few pictures are courtesy of SigurdHosenfeld on DeviantART. Check out his gallery for more pictures like these. We posted this pic below a few years ago as a Christmas treat... we decided to post it again because it is just that good.

These next two pics are slight variation of each other. The one below has Peach showing off her Tennis skills on the court, with her panties flashing out from under her skirt...

The second picture has peach in almost the exact same pose soaking up the sun on the beach.

This butt shot pinup picture is unique in it's combination of pixels and skin... We like it a lot.

This rendered shot shows Peach getting ready for a skinny dip in her kiddie pool, caught by the peeping camera of someone in the bushes. I would guess the camera of the peeping Tom would belong to Wario... but that's just my opinion.

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