Monday, January 30, 2012

Soul Calibur V Butt Shots

Soul Calibur V, the latest installment in Bandai-Namco's sword slashing fighting game series, releases this week. To celebrate the release of the game, we decided to post a few booty pictures from the latest game, as well as some from the previous installments. Lets get to the goodies, shall we?

One of the new characters to join the cast, Natsu is not shy about showing off her tight spandex butt cheeks. Here is a little but more about Natsu: "Natsu is a young ninja and the student of Taki. She wields two tanto and harbors the demon Arahabaki inside her. After Taki failed to return from a mission, promising to return within two weeks, Natsu grew worried, and after Leixia arrived at Fu-Ma village gates, she became a bodyguard to Leixia, hoping she could find her master along the way."

Natsu shields her precious booty from the green sword slashing power of her opponent.
Known from the previous Soul Calibur Game as "the lady with the incredibly big boobs and no clothes" Isabella Valentine (Ivy) has suddenly become a lot more modest in her choice of clothes... either that or she is concerned of a coming ice age that no one else is aware of. No matter, the fur on her latest costume still accentuates her nice booty.
An artist's concept of Ivy's latest wardrobe choice.
For comparison purposes, here is Ivy's choice of clothes from Soul Calibur IV. Very little is left to the imagination when she decides to do a leg lifting roundhouse kick against her opponent.

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