Monday, January 17, 2011

Dino Crisis - Regina Butt Shots

Thanks to viewer Joe Moschetti for sending us these pictures of an old school booty from the Playstation One era. These were sent to us back in October, and we apologize for the delay in putting them up here. Dino Crisis was a survival horror type game in similar fashion to Resident Evil. It starred Regina, a tough red head in a tight leather suit, on her way to find out what happened at a Jurassic Park type research facility. I seem to recall that a sequel game came out a few years later that revolved around dinosaurs and a space station (?). At any rate, enjoy these booty pictures of Regina.

Regina encounters some velociraptors in the hall

Regina's booty shines in the fluorescent lights as she checks the directory map to see where she is.

Regina interrogates a facility employee to try to get some answers

 Regina runs into some more raptors

Regina stands alone in the hall... allowing us to get a good view of her booty.

1 comment:

V said...

That's not a facility employee nor an interrogation; it's her teammate on the same mission. L2research plz.

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