Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Street Fighter Cammy Butt Shot

By popular demand, here are some butt shot pictures of Cammy from the Street Fighter games. Below is a description of Cammy from her Wikipedia page.

"Cammy was one of the four "New Challengers" introduced in the fourth Street Fighter II title, Super Street Fighter II. In this game, Cammy is a 19-year-old agent of the fictional Delta Red task force within MI6. In the Japanese version of her ending, she is revealed to have been an agent working for M. Bison in the past, but lost her memories during a past operation."

"A younger version would be included in the crossover game X-Men vs. Street Fighter, which features Cammy as a Shadaloo assassin codenamed Killer Bee. The ending of the game alludes to Cammy's memory loss and her eventual joining of Delta Red."

Here, the Killer Bee version of Cammy shows off her round butt cheeks.
Killer Bee Cammy's pigtails defy gravity

Delta Red Cammy from one of the Street Fighter comics, shows off her camouflaged backside.

1 comment:

Keeper said...

I love Cammy
She have a great butt

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