Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tomb Raider Anniversary Butt Shots Part 1

With the release of the latest Tomb Raider game fast approaching, we've decided to dedicate the rest of this week to great butt shots from Lara Croft's recent remake of her first outing in Tomb Raider Anniversary. TRA was released with updated graphics and game play mechanics as the 10th anniversary edition of the original Tomb Raider adventure. Lara Croft has also been updated with a new character model, and enhanced textures and shading. All that equates to great butt shots, as is seen in the screen shots shown below.

Lara's cheeks squeeze in her shorts as she runs along the wall of the tomb

Lara navigates through the maze of booby traps with a deadly Booty Trap of her own. Lara's beauty of Lara's butt surpasses the beauty of the underground temple.
Lara performs another wall run as she prepares to raid another tomb.
Lara's round cheeks lead the way to the open room.

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