Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Viewer Submision - Hitman Absolution

One of our readers, Clifford Foster, recently sent us some images from the recent Hitman Absolution trailer titled "Attack of the Saints". In the trailer the Saints, a group of deadly assassins dressed as nuns, try to take out Agent 47 while he is laying low in a grungy motel room.

In sending us the images, Mr. Foster had this to say, "I'll admit, I'm a sucker for femme fatales in catsuits, so when I saw the recent trailer for Hitman Absolution.... Well, I figured I might as well share some of what I got out of it with y'all."

Thanks a bunch for sharing Clifford.

After shedding her fake habit, this Saint shakes her booty in her tight leather suit.

With some explosive firepower, the Saints line up to blow Agent 47 from his motel room.

He didn't become one of the greatest hitmen of all time by being stupid. Agent 47, wary of the Saint's impending attack, sneaks up behind for an ambush and for a view of some behinds.

The Saints try to retaliate with a tight booty flexing kick to Agent 47's ribs, but in the end, they are no match for his skills.

In addition to Clifford's images above, we decided to make some animated gifs of the Saints in all their butt flexing glory. Below is the one Saint shedding her butt concealing costume.

Here is the image of the Saints with their explosive firepower, blowing up the motel where they suspected Agent 47 was hiding.

Also check out the full trailer below.

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